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Our Members are proactive business people working together with the goal of supporting and strengthening their community through collective vision, collaboration and leadership.

1.   Local Advocacy

ECC is committed to being the LEADING voice for business in the Erin Community. We work to identify, understand, and engage with the issues that affect you and share these concerns with our elected officials.

2.   Meaningful Benefits

ECC is committed to providing members with access to benefits that reduce your costs, enhance your productivity, and aid your competitiveness. You can even offer your fellow members preferred pricing or special incentives with our member-to-member program.

3.   Events that Promote Erin Business

ECC is committed to hosting, and partnering on, events that promote our members and the business community. These events celebrate local businesses like you and help connect us with our community.

4.   Access to Relevant Information & Education

ECC is committed to understanding your needs and tailoring our communications and educational opportunities to support them. We also provide opportunities for local speakers and members to present on current and future business issues.

5.   Networking Opportunities

ECC is committed to building relationships amongst local professionals by integrating networking as a central focus in our programming and events.

Benefits: Welcome
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